Equipment Applications

Endless Ways to Use Our Containers!



Some Ways Our Customers Have Used Our Equipment

Customers who have purchased from us use these containers for so many diverse applications. Below are several ways that our customers have used our containers to meet their needs.

  • The restaurant industry uses our refrigerated units for cold storage.

  • The off-shore drilling industry uses our containers for portable storage, break- rooms, restrooms, office space, and sleeping quarters.

  • The construction industry uses our containers for a wide variety of applications, from portable storage to office space.

  • The off-shore diving industry uses our custom modified containers for diving control rooms, storage, and break-rooms.

  • Some businesses use our containers for extra storage for files or supplies.

  • The shipping industry uses our containers for shipping cargo domestically and internationally. (Their original designed use)

These containers are so versatile that we’re sure you can find a way to use one for your needs. If you think of an application and aren’t sure that a container can meet your needs, please to discuss your situation. We are sure that our container experts can find a solution for you!






It's amazing what we can do!